Capital : Porto-Novo
Area : 112 620 km²
Population : 9 099 922


Education system analysis

Benin Education Country Status Report
July 2014

Invigorating educational policy in the context of the Ten-year Programme for Development of the Education Sector, République du Bénin, UNESCO - IIPE Pôle de Dakar, July 2014.

TTISSA Diagnostic
March 2011

La question enseignante au Bénin : Un diagnostic holistique pour la construction d’une politique enseignante consensuelle, soutenable et durable.

The Beninese Education System
April 2009

A Sector Analysis for a More Balanced and Effective Education Policy. Pôle de Dakar, the Government of Benin and the World Bank.

Country notes

Benin, sector management needs improvement
January 2013

Jonathan Jourde, January 2013

Benin: Teachers issues facing major challenges
June 2012

Jonathan Jourde, June 2012

Targeting the Most Disadvantaged Primary Schools in Benin
January 2004

Mathieu Brossard, 2004

Elements of Synthesis of the Study: The Beninese Education System
December 2003

Mathieu Brossard, Nicolas Reuge, December 2003

Retention, Repetition and Quality in Beninese Government Primary Schools
October 2003

Mathieu Brossard, October 2003