Education-Training-Employment outlook

Improving insertion to the labour market

Education and training do not automatically guarantee an entry on the labour market. To help governments obtain the information they need to define a strategy for connecting the system with the needs of the labour market, the Pôle de Dakar offers an “education-training-employment” prospective analysis (DIPEFE).

A prospective analysis centred on the “education-training-employment” relationship

In addition to an analysis of the relationship between the education system and employment and an prospective study on labour market needs, this prospective analysis focuses on the relevance of the institutional mechanism and piloting of education system/labour market matching.

Three key objectives

  • Support governments in the development of a training supply adapted to the labour market
  • Enabling the education system to effectively ensure its role in the transition of graduates to the working life
  • Enabling the education system to assume his mission in the achievement of the long term country development goals

Download the DIPEFE presentation (French Only)