IIEP-UNESCO Dakar is the Africa-based office of UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning, a unique specialized United Nations institute with a mandate to strengthen the capacity of UNESCO Member States to plan and manage their education systems.

Based in Senegal, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar supports the analysis, planning, and implementation of education and training policies in African countries. It bases its interventions on technical expertise, using a capacity development approach through the creation of partnerships, training, and the production of methodological tools and knowledge.

Its technical teams are mainly composed of education policy analysts, planners, vocational and other training experts, and knowledge management and networking specialists. The wealth of its human resources enables IIEP-UNESCO Dakar to intervene across a broad range of activities in the fields of education and training in Africa.

IIEP-UNESCO Dakar’s actions contribute to the common drive of African governments and development partners to achieve lifelong quality education for all.

IIEP-UNESCO Dakar collaborates with many active development partners in Africa and is fortunate to receive significant support from Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

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