The 10th promotion of training in Sector Analysis and Management of the Education System (PSGSE) is launched

21 Oct 2016

The first group session of the 10th training sector Analysis and Management of Education System (PSGSE) was held from 11 to 19 October 2016 to the digital campus of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie in Dakar. This training programme jointly organized by the Pôle de Dakar and the Faculty of Sciences, Technologies of Education and Training (FASTEF) allows its students, mostly executives of Ministries of Education in Africa, to acquire knowledge in sector analysis of the education system. Mr. El Cantara Sarr, inspector in basic education in Senegal, is delighted to be part of this promotion: "We study elements and situations that we thing we knew, but we improve our knowledge which makes us more motivated to learn."Mrs Lucie Pamtaba, school and university administration adviser in Burkina Faso expresses also satisfaction: "It's very enriching, I understand better from this group session about concepts that we use every day at work." This first group session has clarified the basic concepts in statistics. According to the students, between group sessions, virtual session, tutorials and practical work, the workload is important but also very stimulating. Since its creation, 10 years ago, the PSGSE training has trained more than 350 officials from 23 African countries.