Thematic documents

Thematic Reports

July 2019

Actors and partnerships in vocational education and training, IFEF, IIEP-Pôle de Dakar – Unesco, 2019.

Public-private partnerships in vocational training in Africa
September 2018

Make public-private partnerships in vocational training a strong lever of economic emergence in Africa - IFEF, LuxDev, UNESCO - IIEP-Pôle de Dakar, 2018.

Early Childhood Development
November 2014

State of Early Childhood Development in West and Central Africa in 2010-11, Analysis based on MICS4 Surveys, UNESCO-IIEP Pôle de Dakar, UNICEF. 

Household Education Spending, An Analytical and Comparative Perspective for 15 African Countries
January 2012

Borel Foko, Beifith Kouak Tiyab, Guillaume Husson, 2012

What do teacher know about Education for All in Senegal ?
January 2011

Analysis of knowledge and perception of EFA's objectives by primary-school teachers, Beifith Kouak Tiyab, Jean-Pierre Jarousse, Katia Vianou, 2011

Dakar + 6 – Education For All in Africa
January 2006

Pôle de Dakar, 2006

Education and sub-regional approaches in Africa
January 2004

Pôle de Dakar, 2004

Statistical Documents MINEDAF VIII
January 2002

Pôle de Dakar, 2002

Thematic Notes

Distance education in the context of COVID-19: Accomplishments and perspectives in sub-Saharan Africa
September 2020

Regional programme to support quality management in basic education, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar, 2020.

The challenge of monitoring quality in basic distance education
June 2020

Regional programme to support quality management in basic education, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar, 2020.

Higher Education Reforms in Africa: Framework Elements
November 2008

Kokou Amelewonou, Borel Foko, Guillaume Husson, Jean Pierre Jarousse and Francis Ndem

Learning Outcomes and Producing Literacy through Primary Education in Africa
May 2007

Comparative Approaches. Borel Foko and Mathieu Brossard

The Global Analysis of African Education Sectors through the CSR Methodology
May 2007

Laure Pasquier-Doumer

Developing secondary education in Africa: Challenges, constraints and room for manoeuvre
November 2005

Mathieu Brossard & Kokou Amelewonou, 2005

Comparative Approaches. Borel Foko and Mathieu Brossard
December 2004

Kokou Amelewonou and Mathieu Brossard

The Teaching Issue in a Perspective of Universal Primary Education by 2015 in the ECOWAS, CEMAP and PALOP Countries
January 2004

Kokou Amelewonou, Mathieu Brossard and Luc Gacougnolle

The Trade-off between Quantity and Unit Costs in the Primary Cycle of African Education Systems
August 2003

Mathieu Brossard

The Quantitative Efficiency of Education Systems: A Comparative Approach
March 2003

Pôle de Dakar

The Physical Absorption Capacity of Education Systems. Pôle de Dakar
February 2003