Analysis of the education system



Benin Education Country Status Report
July 2014

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TTISSA Diagnostic
March 2011

La question enseignante au Bénin : Un diagnostic holistique pour la construction d’une politique enseignante consensuelle, soutenable et durable.

The Beninese Education System
April 2009

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Burkina Faso

Vocational training in Burkina Faso.
May 2019

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Burkina Faso Education Country Status Report
August 2017

Burkina Faso Education Country Status Report, Ministries in charge of Education and Training, UNICEF, IIEP Pôle de Dakar - UNESCO, 2017

The Challenges of the Burkinabe Education System in Supporting Economic Growth
June 2010

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Burundese Education Country Status Report
June 2012

Burundese Education Country Status Report, Government of Burundi, World Bank, UNESCO Pôle de Dakar. 2012.

The Burundese Education System
June 2006

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