Analysis of the education system



The Gambia education country status report
December 2011

Pôle de Dakar, the Government of The Gambia and the World Bank. December 2011.


Republic of Guinea - Analysis of the education and training sector
September 2019

For the preparation of the 10-year programme (2019-2028), Republic of Guinea, UNICEF, IIPE-Pôle de Dakar - UNESCO, 2019

The Guinean Education System
November 2005

Diagnosis and Perspectives for Education Policy in a Context of Strong Macroeconomic Constraints and Poverty Reduction. Pôle de Dakar, the Government of Guinea and the World Bank.

Guinea Bissau

A major overhaul of the Guinea-Bissau education system is well overdue
September 2016
Diagnosis of the Guinea-Bissau Education System (CSR)
April 2013

Scope for the Development of the Education system in a Perspective of Universalization of Basic Education and Poverty Reduction.