Thematic diagnoses

The Pôle de Dakar offers targeted diagnoses on thematic issues of the sector.

  • Teachers issues diagnosis
    From the perspective of consensual teachers’ policies shared by all stakeholders of the education system, the Pôle de Dakar performs Teachers issues diagnosis. Many fundamental aspects related to this issue are examined: quantitative needs, recruitment, training, career management, teacher deployment, etc.
  • Institutional analysis
    The Pôle de Dakar analyses the constraints of individual and organizational capacity development for effective management of the education system. The purpose of this analysis is to make recommendations for a better management of the system by officials of concerned ministries.
  • Vulnerability Analysis
    Conflicts or disasters are a handicap to achieve Education for All objectives, especially for the poorest population and minorities. To enable the system to develop its resilience to crises, this analysis scrutinizes the extent of risks, their main characteristics and their impact on the education system.
  • Other diagnoses
    At the request of countries, the Pôle de Dakar can intervene on other topics such as Sector financing analysis, equity issues, management, etc.