• Education in Africa: 5 priorities | Demographics, Financing, Inclusion, Quality, Employment
    Education in Africa: 5 priorities
    With eight years to go before the goal of the Education 2030 Agenda are due to be achieved, Africa continent is still facing many different challenges in the education and training sector.
  • Education Sector Analysis
    Somalia - Education Sector Analysis 2022
    Assessing opportunities for rebuilding the country through education
  • An analysis of educational quality management practices
    An analysis of educational quality management practices
    The objective of this methodological guide is to inspire countries that wish to undertake an analysis of education quality management practices in order to install a culture of questioning that contributes to the sustainable strengthening of management capacities in the education system.
  • Analyse du secteur de l'éducation
    Burundi - Education Sector Analysis 2021
    Issues and Challenges for Accelerating Human Capital Production and Sustaining Economic Growth, Republic of Burundi, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar.
  • Analyse du secteur de l'éducation
    Nigeria – Education Sector Analysis 2021
    Assessing the status of education in the federation and OAK states, World Bank, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar
  • Methodological guidelines
    Education Sector Analysis Methodological Guidelines - Volume 3
    New methodological guidelines are now available to accelerate progress, and enable education systems worldwide to become more inclusive, resilient and effective.
  • Competency-based approach
    Competency-based approach to technical and vocational education and training in Africa
    Study based on seven African countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, and South Africa.
  • Education dealing with demographic challenges
    PôleMag n°30 - Education : Dealing with Demographic Challenges
    In 2021, more than a quarter of the African population will be of school age. We need to invest now in the education of those who will have the future of the continent in their hands tomorrow.