• Management of Trainers and Supervisory
    Management of Trainers and Supervisory Staff in TVET
    Case Study of four African countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Senegal, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar, 2022
  • ESA Liberia
    Liberia Education Sector Analysis 2022
    Prepared in the middle of the global pandemic, the 2022 Education Sector Analysis has given the Government an opportunity to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the Liberian education system, especially its resilience in crises of the magnitude of COVID-19. These ESA findings can support the development of policies that promote the fulfilment of the Being Best promise made to children and youth in Liberia.
  • Education and skills for women's integration
    Education and skills for women's integration into the labour market
    A comparative analysis of eight sub-Saharan African countries
    This paper seeks to shed light on the current challenges faced by eight selected sub-Saharan African countries, namely Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, in achieving the integration of women into the labour market through education and training.
  • Digital transformation of TVET
    Digital transformation of TVET and skills development systems in Africa
    This report describes the systems in these five countries that provide the population with access not only to digital tools but also to the skills that will enable everyone to use digital technology.
  • Investment in african education and training systems
    The case for investment in African education and training systems
    This document presents IIEP’s approach and priorities for capacity development in Africa to strengthen the planning, management and implementation of education programmes for improved learning outcomes.
  • Achieving inclusive education
    Polemag #31: Achieving inclusive education
    Across the continent, from the outskirts of cities to rural areas, universal access to equitable education remains a major challenge – yet it is a prerequisite for achieving inclusive education.
  • Education in Africa: 5 priorities | Demographics, Financing, Inclusion, Quality, Employment
    Education in Africa: 5 priorities
    With eight years to go before the goal of the Education 2030 Agenda are due to be achieved, Africa continent is still facing many different challenges in the education and training sector.
  • Education Sector Analysis
    Somalia - Education Sector Analysis 2022
    Assessing opportunities for rebuilding the country through education