Training in educational analysis, planning and management

Professional development and skills enhancement of ministerial staff and specialists in the education and training sector is one of the core missions of the IIEP-UNESCO Regional Office for Africa.

In Brief
  • Cutting-edge training, enriched by our field experience and research work.
  • Our historic training programme in sector policy analysis and management of education systems (PSGSE).
  • Thematic training programs to meet the new needs and challenges of African countries.
  • Specific "on-demand" training, delivered either online, in Dakar or on site in country.
African professionals trained since 2007

Our approach

Training African managers who are likely to become stakeholders of change within their institutions: this is the goal of the IIEP-UNESCO Dakar's training courses. Delivered by high-level international experts, our courses and programs strengthen individual and institutional skills in the fields of sector analysis, planning and management of national education and training systems. 

To achieve this, we focus on:

  • A mixed method combining distance learning and face-to-face meetings, subject to health conditions. 
  • High quality of teaching, in tune with the realities in the field and fostered by the research work of the IIEP-UNESCO. 
  • The diversity of African countries represented in our training courses and in the participants' profiles.
  • Synergies with the training offer provided by the IIEP-UNESCO headquarters (Virtual Campus, Advanced Training Programme…) 

Our courses are demanding and participants are chosen based on a selective admissions process. Women are strongly encouraged to apply. 

“By developing the technical and managerial skills of practitioners in African education systems, our courses contribute to strengthening strategies and transforming operational practices in favour of more effective and equitable education policies.” 

Therrezinha Fernandes Kinkin
Head of training at IIEP-UNESCO Dakar

Our training courses

  • Sectoral Analysis and Management of the Education System  (PSGSE)
    Aimed at education stakeholders in charge of the management, financing and evaluation of African education systems, this 14-month joint program has been a reference on the continent since 2007.
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training Management (PGEFTP)
    This advanced 7-month learning course, delivered in a mixed format, is aimed at African policy-makers responsible for technical and vocational education and training policy and management (TVET). 
  • Gender Sensitive Education Planning (Gender at the Centre Initiative)
    This training programme of approximately nine weeks is part of the Gender at the Centre initiative.  
  • Using Data and Information for Crisis-sensitive Educational Planning
    This specialized IIEP-UNESCO course covers the issues, tools and strategic approaches to educational planning in crisis-situations and its role in the process of prevention and risk reduction. It is delivered online, over approximately eight weeks.
  • On-demand Training
    IIEP-UNESCO Dakar regularly organises short training courses tailored to the specific context and needs of the beneficiary country. These courses are given on site, at the central or decentralised level, to ministerial teams or national training institutions.

Areas of Expertise