New training course on quality management practices in education underway

IIEP-UNESCO Dakar is planning to develop a training module on the practices of steering the quality of education, in collaboration with the national training institutes for educational supervisory personnel. This module would be included in the training curricula of supervisory personnel, including school headmasters, pedagogical advisers, inspectors and education managers.


Experts from IIEP-UNESCO and the national education training institutes of Burundi, Senegal and Togo are currently meeting in Dakar, from July 19th to the 21st, to reflect on the operationalisation of this process.

This training module would be developed by the Support for basic education quality management programme. Launched in February 2018, with the support of the French Development Agency, this IIEP-UNESCO Dakar programme aims to improve the quality of education by questioning, together with education stakeholders, quality steering practices and proposing solutions for improvement.

The national training institutes of the education management bodies of the beneficiary countries of the Programme have shown interest in collaborating with IIEP-UNESCO Dakar in order to improve their respective training offers in the field of quality management in education.

Through this collaboration with the national training institutes for education personnel, the training on quality management in education will reach a larger number of education actors over several years. This will make it possible to perpetuate the achievements of the programme and to take into account the problems linked to quality management in initial and continuing training.

Moussa Hamani Ounteni
Expert in Education Planning and Institutional Analysis, IIEP-UNESCO Dakar

This training course on quality management practices in education will enrich the range of training courses offered by IIEP-UNESCO Dakar, which has two flagship courses lasting several months: PSGSE (Sectoral Policies and Management of Education Systems) and PGEFTP (Steering and Management of Technical and Vocational Education and Training). In addition to these two long courses, the Africa office offers courses of varying duration, à la carte, according to country demand.