Looking back on the impact of Pefop during closing workshop in Dakar

Pefop Workshop

IIEP-UNESCO Dakar is organising an international workshop on 1st and 2nd June 2022 in Dakar to share lessons learned from the Platform of Expertise in Vocational Education and Training (Pefop) and to discuss the perspectives for continuing IIEP's support to TVET in Africa, with African actors and partners.

In brief

Almost seven years after its launch, the Vocational Training Expertise Platform (Pefop) programme, financed by the French Development Agency (AFD) and implemented by IIEP-UNESCO Africa Office, is coming to an end this June 2022.

To take stock of the achievements and lessons learned from Pefop and to discuss prospects for IIEP-UNESCO Dakar's support to vocational training in Africa, the IIEP-UNESCO Africa Office has invited a group of 80 African stakeholders and partners to participate in a two-day sharing and reflection workshop on 1st and 2nd June 2022 in Dakar.

Pefop Workshop

Since the official launch of Pefop in November 2015, many activities have been developed for the benefit of vocational training stakeholders in Africa. 

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Objective of the workshop

As this programme draws to a close, we take stock and draw on the major lessons and to identify the achievements, in order to reflect on the prospects for support that IIEP-UNESCO could provide to TVET in Africa.

To this end, a two-day sharing and reflection workshop will be held on 1 and 2 June 2022 with key partners of IIEP-UNESCO Dakar.

The specific objectives of the workshop are to : 

  • Share the results of the evaluation of the implementation of Pefop, its successes and lessons learned 
  • Discuss the prospects for IIEP-UNESCO Dakar's support in the field of TVET in relation to the evolving needs of African countries and actors in the sector
  • Explore, with beneficiaries and technical and financial partners, the most relevant future working arrangements to ensure the efficiency of IIEP's support
  • Position future actions within the framework of the IIEP's Africa strategy and the reflection on a thematic axis "Skills for Employment".



    A group of 80 participants is expected, composed of representatives of African countries, networks, and organisations from the public and private sectors of TVET, and technical and financial partners of IIEP-UNESCO Dakar. For the African partners and beneficiaries, representatives of about fifteen countries and ten regional organisations and networks are invited. 

    1. The first day will be devoted to the assessment of the Pefop
      The aim is to draw lessons from the different modalities of action tested. The thematic sessions will be introduced by the elements drawn from the evaluation, which will be discussed, commented on and appreciated by both the actors who collaborated with the Pefop team and by the TFPs in vocational training. The aim will be to draw up a coherent picture of the IIEP's multiple proven expertise, but also of the aspects that require strengthening or increased investment to continue its work in the field of skills development for employment. 
    2. The second day will be devoted to perspectives 
      How to anchor and strengthen IIEP's support to skills development for employment after the end of the Pefop programme in June 2022? The different sessions of the day will be structured around hypotheses and questions drawn from the evaluation, and elements of global themes around the future challenges for the training-employment match as well as the elements of the construction of the IIEP's Africa strategy. The avenues and orientations identified will be compared with the priorities of African countries in terms of planning skills development for employment, and the strategic lines of support of the main TFPs working in the sector.


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