Regional Workshop 2022: The main drivers for effective education quality management

Regional Experience Sharing Workshop 21 - 25 February 2022


The Africa Office of the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning is organizing its second regional workshop on the management of education quality in Africa from 21st to 25th February 2022 to share initial results.



This programme is based on two questions: which obstacles really undermine education systems and what can be done to improve on what has already been done? A unique feature of the IIEP-UNESCO Dakar programme to support the management of education quality is that it analyzes these questions from a new angle, that of the role of actors at all levels of the education system and helps them to identify the difficulties they face.

Key challenges and guidelines for transforming education systems

The activities carried out by the programme to date have made it possible to highlight several findings on quality management in the education systems of the countries analysed. The summary of these initial results points to five priority themes on which the systems should rely to address and improve quality management. These are:

1. Repositioning assessments to serve learning and academic success
2. Strengthen pedagogical support systems
3. Encourage dialogue and consultation between the central and decentralized levels
4. Support the decentralization process and community mobilization
5. Promote innovations in education.

The aim of the workshop is to share the results highlighted on each of the themes and to reflect on the perspectives they raise, both in terms of changes in the professional positions of the actors, and in terms of changes in the working relationships between different entities of the system (directorates, services, units, etc.).

Virtual plenary sessions, group work and discussion forum

More than 250 participants from ministries of education, international organizations and civil society are expected to attend. The workshop is organized over five days in a hybrid mode, both online and with the possibility of gathering participants in a single location in the 15 participating countries.

On each day of the workshop, there will be virtual plenary sessions in the mornings, and face-to-face, in-country group work in the afternoons. Due to connectivity constraints, the duration of the virtual plenary sessions will be approximately two hours and thirty minutes (2h30).

A discussion forum will be held in order to capitalize on the discussions and to allow participants who wish to do so to continue their exchanges in a free manner outside of the time required by the workshop.

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Atelier Regional Programme Qualite

About the IIEP-UNESCO Dakar Programme

Launched in February 2018, with the support of the French Development Agency, the IIEP-UNESCO Dakar Quality Management Support Programme encourages education stakeholders to question their practices and propose changes to improve the quality of education.

The programme considers quality management as a process of continuous improvement of educational action. It allows actors to diagnose the obstacles to quality education and to propose avenues for improvement. It supports actors in the transformation of their professional practices in order to make educational policies more effective. Intervening at all levels of the education system (school, decentralised and central administration), the programme gives priority to promoting promising initiatives that already exist at local level.

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